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My name is Eric Laskowski and i've been collecting Civil Defense Items for a many years. And I want to share my collection and the historical sites and information that for the most part been lost to time. On this site, I will try to provide the best up-to-date information on what Civil Defense was in the Metro-Detroit area and around Michigan. I've started a photographical record of the thousands of Shelters and Fallout Shelters and other places that played their part in our protection durning World War II and the Cold War. Luckly, they were never needed. But we must not forget the thousands of volunteers who stood at the ready!

Since the Shelter program ended in 1992, many shelters are now gone. But many still are marked with the "Fallout Shelter" signs. I've Photographed over 300 Shelters. But the hard part is getting access to the shelter area itself. With the way thing are now a days, It will be an uphill battle. Ever so true with the City of Detroit. It's Literally a race with the wrecking ball. With the renewal of the downtown area, many shelters will be destroyed.

Also on this site will be a photographic record of the items used for Civil Defense. Such as Posters, Decals, Air Raid Sirens still in use, Signage, Helmets, Badges, Equipment, Documents, and much more.


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